Credit Union Mar 2016 rev aEast Sussex Credit Union now has a “help point” in Devonshire West thanks to Big Local funding.

Pop in to speak to Marta on Wednesdays between 11am and 1pm at Devonshire Children’s Centre.

No appointment, no commitment, no pressure.

Click here for our interview with Marta Baginska.


What is East Sussex Credit Union?

A not-for-profit savings and loans organisation owned by its members. There are no shareholders so any profits are paid back to the member as a dividend on their savings. This keeps money local and helps the local economy.

Anyone can join as long as they live or work in East Sussex or Brighton and Hove. You do not need to be in a job, have money behind you, or have a squeaky clean credit history to become a member.

Take control of your finances with East Sussex Credit Union

With a solid reputation for providing safe savings and affordable loans, everyone is welcome, including those who have no access to high street banks.

* Flexible savings accounts for both adults and juniors with online access

* Up to four savings accounts to organise your savings, e.g. holiday, Christmas, university, etc.

* Affordable loans

* Prepaid Visa card for easy access to your savings

* All your savings are completely safe and covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme

Loan decisions are made locally and loans are tailored to what you can afford. You also make a small contribution towards your savings account alongside your repayments, reducing the need to borrow in the future.


Contact: / 01273 234858