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Mentor support for unemployed young adults

Talent_Match_SE_logo-300x144► For 18-24 year olds in Eastbourne who have been out of work for a year

► Help with qualifications, confidence and work experience

► Completely free and does not affect benefit entitlements

Talent Match is a new and different programme to help unemployed people find work.
If you know someone who is 18–24 years old, living in Eastbourne and has been unemployed for more than 12 months they should give Talent Match a chance.
They will be matched with a mentor who will help them with their journey to find work as well as gain qualifications, build confidence and find them work experience, which employers look for.
For more details please call or text Stacey on 07415 366023, or email Stacey.hide@princes-trust.org.uk
For more information online click here.