After about 18 months of consultation exercises, more than 800 post-it notes with residents’ ideas and dreams, and painstaking scrutiny of documents, statistics and other projects in the area, the Devonshire West Big Local team put together the Plan for the first three years of Lottery funding.

The Plan was presented to the community on 7th August 2014 at a drop-in meeting and received overwhelmingly positive feedback. It was submitted to Local Trust on 22nd September, and they visited for an interview on 16th October. Final approval was deferred until there was a newly elected Board with a full term of office ahead; after the AGM in November, the last few bits of paperwork were signed and sealed and the first installment of the 2015 phase of funding was on its way in January 2015.

Here is a summary of the Devonshire West Big Local Plan for 2015-2017.

DWBL Plan summary Phase 1 2015-17

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