OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAt the start of 2013, it was the Local Trust rep, Jim Boot, wandering the streets talking to people. A gradually snowballing group formed a “partnership” that began organising the consultation process (see The Start of DWBL). By the end of that year, a “Board” was elected, with responsibility for collating all the data and formalising the paperwork. They are continually supported by members of the community, from spreading the word to coming up with ideas and running events.

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The Board

The following people were elected to the Board at the AGM on 24th November 2015:



OTHER GROUPS: Community Stuff, Bespoke Cycle Group

PERSONAL STATEMENT: I retired to Eastbourne more than three years ago after many years working a s as senior consultant in Local Government.
I wish to keep active in my local community. DWBL was instigated about the same time as I arrived in Eastbourne. I joined the initial group of interested residents to support and became one to the group who formed the DWBL Board.
I hope the skills I have will continue to support and further the DWBL ten year project.





OTHER GROUPS: Eastbourne Blind Society – Chair; East Sussex Vision Care – Chair and lead on ESCC contract to provide a cross county service for vision impaired people; Eastbourne Town Centre Neighbourhood Panel – Chair; Driving Devonshire Forward – Steering Panel Member; Eastbourne Borough Council – Attend various groups as Community Representative.
PERSONAL STATEMENT: I retired and moved to Eastbourne in 2004 after many years as a senior manager and education inspector. Since retiring I have sought to use my extensive experience in a range of community organisations and charities. I was the volunteer Social Policy Co-ordinator for Eastbourne Citizens Advice Bureau for 5 years. I have been involved in DWBL since the start and serve as Finance Officer. I have a particular interest in developing a multiagency approach to improvement and see great benefit coming from DWBL working with other Driving Devonshire Forward partners and local groups to achieve the DWBL Vision.



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OTHER GROUPS: Community Stuff, YMCA

PERSONAL STATEMENT: My name is Sue Morris, I am a mother of 5, I work mainly with children, young people and their families and as a director of community stuff I am involved in running lots of projects in the area, recently a Holiday scheme, bread club, cookery lessons and a cafe. I run a girls group for the YMCA and I teach basic numeracy and literacy skills to young people. I have had a lot of experience in event planning and management.






OTHER GROUPS: Eastbourne Multicultural Education project (EMEP); Eastbourne Nepalese Community (ENC-UK); Eastbourne cultural Community Network  (ECCN); Eastbourne Library
PERSONAL STATEMENT: I am a resident of Devonshire West Big Local. I like to do community work and creative activities. I am interested to do something good for the local area. I hope that many years’ experience in community work, volunteering, social work, skill, knowledge, interest will help to fulfil the goal of DWBL My family always encouraged me and supported me to do good works for community. My previous experience of DWBL member encouraged me to do more works   for local area and local community.
I believe that my skill in Multicultural, art & crat, sewing, music and other social will contribute to develop new approach, to community project with innovation for lasting and sustainable result.

Nigel 9.4.13 003-2NIGEL GOODYEAR

PERSONAL STATEMENT: I have lived in west Devonshire for nearly 20 years: I have always taken an interest in local matters and was a Eastbourne Borough Councillor until 2011. I am a retired police officer although I still work as an Investigator for the Serious Fraud Office. In addition, I am a Trustee and Deputy Chair for Eastbourne Blind Society, a helper at the Leaf Hall Community Arts Centre and a Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator in Devonshire.









Devonshire West connection:  Business proprietor

GROUPS: DWBL Enterprise Group

PERSONAL STATEMENT: As an owner of a small independent business in Devonshire West, I would like to see an improvement in the business climate. A healthy business environment is good for residents and businesses alike. It ‘smartens’ up the area, provides local job opportunities and creates a feeling of well being.

I see the Big Local scheme as an unique opportunity to achieve these goals and make  Devonshire West an area ‘good for business’




OTHER GROUPS: TechResort, AudioActive

PERSONAL STATEMENT: I’ve been working in Eastbourne for the past 2 and a half years, involved with arts, culture, digital and regeneration. I’m a bit of jack of all trades! I first got involved with Devonshire Ward while helping write the funding application for the Coastal Community Fund. I love the Ward, with its diverse communities and its lively energy. I’m pleased to be involved with the current programme delivery, on behalf of Tech Resort, and now also with the Big Local scheme for the area. I also bring over 20 years’ experience working with local communities, as a community development worker, mentor and grassroots organiser.





steve wallis na website


REPRESENTING: Eastbourne Borough Council

OTHER GROUPS: Driving Devonshire Forward; The Leaf Hall Trust; County Councillor; Borough Councillor; Sussex Wildlife Trust
PERSONAL STATEMENT:  I was elected as a borough councillor for Devonshire in 2006 and as a county councillor in 2013. I am passionate about enhancing and improving Devonshire, be it refurbishing run down sites, creating employment or improving open spaces and the public realm.  Much has been achieved over the recent years, but there is plenty more to do. I hope I can continue to work with groups or individuals, to ensure Devonshire is a great place to live, work or visit.






PERSONAL STATEMENT: 3VA has a place on the Devonshire West Big Local (DWBL) Board as the Locally Trusted Organisation (LTO), the accountable body for this project. This role includes managing the finance, completing the project evaluation and working with the DWBL Finance Officer to set the project budgets. In addition, using my skills and knowledge as a 3VA community development officer, I support the board in developing Devonshire West Big Local.




COLIN MACKINNON was elected but now had to stand down.


The Board has to be between 8 and 20 members; it is a Local Trust requirement that the Board has a resident majority; 62% of our Board are residents; there is one non-residents (a local business person) and two strategic partners massively committed to Devonshire West.

All Board members have signed up to a set of policies and procedures in accordance with Local Trust guidance and good practice; to view the Handbook, click here.